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rachel lynch - wildfox - chi flo - nastygalrachel lynch - wildfox - chi flo - nastygalrachel lynch - wildfox - chi flo - nastygalrachel lynch - wildfox - chi flo - nastygalLast Monday, Emma and I took to my rooftop to celebrate one last warm day. We sipped champagne in the afternoon and just talked about everything. It’s days like that which remind me how lucky I am to have loyal friends in a big and sometimes scary city like New York. No matter what happens, I know they have my back and I have theirs.

And speaking of loyalty, one brand I feel very close to, Chi Flo, sent me this dope leotard the other week. I actually love that it has long sleeves, I plan on wearing it to yoga now that it’s actually getting colder. My yoga studio is in Soho, so this leo will be nice and cozy to wear under my leather jacket on the subway ride there! Of course it could also be very cool to wear on a night out with leather pants and a stud choker.

I hope you all have a really awesome Monday, I’m off to get ready for a shoot in the West Village!

x x

leotard by Chi Flo

hat by UNIF

platforms by YRU

photos by Emma Lauren

zero f*cks 24 hours a day

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCZero f*cks 24 hours a day. Especially today, cause it’s Friday. I’m so excited to turn up and spend some time with my friends. Tonight, I’m excited to hit a rooftop party hosted by one of my photographer friends in Williamsburg. And Sunday, I’m shooting a little something special for YRU shoes with my girl Jen that I’m really stoked about. Should be a really dope weekend. I’ve been taking things a little bit easy since fashion week ended, but now it’s time to grind.

Have a good weekend bitches

x x

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photos by Brittanny Taylor 

new moon

lunarwings feathersLanding on the new moon and feeling at home. She is every story she wants to be. Every novel, every quote came pouring through her eyes. Her spirit matched her strength, they were both woven together by the most fearless of historic heroines.

She doesn’t read minds, but she is made of patience. That’s all it takes. A little patience and a little faith. And she swore, love is never done. Love is a luxury.

x x

photos by Emma Lauren

make up by Adrienne Cahill

illustrations by Kyrstal Quiles