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day2-1day2-4IMG_0557IMG_0548day2-3IMG_0567fashionweek3-3fashionwe404IMG_0552IMG_0554IMG_0574IMG_0576New York Fashion Week day two. I don’t know why exhaustion has hit me already, but it came in with full force yesterday. 14-hours of running around from show, to event, back to show, to showroom is serious. Perhaps it’s because the 4 days prior to this, I isolated myself and just read, relaxed, meditated and did yoga, that this scheduled is a shock to my system. No complaints, it’s just a very different way of spending a day.

Anyways, the day started with the Sally La Pointe show. Certainly my favorite collection I’ve seen so far, this spring is all about big belts, basics, black and white for her. I love the simplicity of the flats with each look. The jackets and the way everything fit was just phenomenal. The final outfit was killer, featuring a huge feather design with a moto jacket in all white. I can’t wait to pull some pieces and shoot them with my darling, Brittanny.

Next we headed to the Sequin-NYC showroom to pick up some jewelry for the week, just missing the Buffalo Jeans relaxation party (ugh, I really needed a fresh manicure!) Then we headed down to Chinatown after that for the Martin Keehn presentation. He’s one of the designers represented by OMEN PR here in New York, which means that all the edgy/chic bitches come out to play. Everyone in line looked so fierce, and it was good to see some friendly faces.

My best friend flew in yesterday as well, and in true exhausted fashion, we ended the night early with ordering sushi to my bed while watching the L word on Netflix.

I’m feeling recharged today, time to get ready for shows and a photo shoot!

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leopard sunglasses by Le Specs

relic hat by UNIF

sequin kimono by Thriftwares 

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand 

pale fire

pale pale2 pale3 pale4 pale5

“And he absolutely had to find her at once to tell her that he adored her, but the large audience before him separated him from the door, and the notes reaching him through a succession of hands said that she was not available; that she was inaugurating a fire; that she had married an american businessman; that she had become a character in a novel; that she was dead.” 
― Vladimir NabokovPale Fire

crop top + platforms by UNIF

photos by Juan Beltran


t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8Light jumps out of me. You’re a shark and I’m swimming. The ocean at the end of the lane. The short-lived swim that pulls us from one coast to the other. One body of water, where three shores meet. I vibrate back and forth within the waves, free as a bird and feeling the ocean in between my hair. Love is how you will stay alive in me, even after you are gone.

stay fly kimono by UNIF

clear sunnies by Wildfox

photos by Kristen Wrzesnienwski