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Ballet Bae / Dark + Light

ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-01 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-03 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-04 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-05 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-06 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-07 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-09 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-10 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-11 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-12 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-13 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-15 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-19 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-20 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-21 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-22 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-23 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-24 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-25 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-26 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-27 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-28 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-29 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-30 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-31 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-32 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-33 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-34 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-35 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-36 ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-38She was two in one. A light spirit, and a girl very much filled with darkness. Left strung between two paradises, eden and the serpent, she danced in the shadows. If it’s what we think and what we do that make us who we are, then she was two.

With all the love and light that surrounded her, how could she not dress in color? And with all the lovers that left with no letter, how could she not dress in black? Perhaps there was not as much space between the two as she believed. She felt the absence of love lost, but also the replete of the artists surrounding her. Her friends are getting high under the moonlight and her lover’s waiting home in her white cloud of a bed. She often left her home, but she found home everywhere.

New York was uncertain. It terrified her, but she loved it. I don’t think she’d take her dark-self or her light-self anywhere else. Where else could the two live side by side simultaneously? Taking herself for a midnight walk on the Brooklyn Bridge, running down to the waterfront in Williamsburg, charging her third-eye chakra in Soho. New York will feed every part of you.

The light stuck around like mango in her teeth. The secrets stayed inside like prayers on repeat. She woke to the Manhattan skyline each day, so bright in it’s truth revealing glare. Then the evening came, the sun fell into a pink horizon, and the black filled the night sky where the demons stayed alive. The creative hour. She was two in one.

Ballet Bae platforms by Dolls Kill X YRU

cartoon bodysuit by Dolls Kill

makeup by Zoe Renee 

photos by Brittanny Taylor

thinking about you

p5p4p3p10p6p11p9p8p7p2p1p12p13p14p15p16p17p18p19p20p21p22p23p24p25p26“If I told you, that this couldn’t get better baby. And your heartbeat, it lets me know you feel the same. I can hold you, keep you safe until you fall asleep. Never worried, cause I can give you what you need.

Now everything I do, is all for loving you. It’s not something that we’re used to. No other way to say, I need you everyday. And now I’m gonna change my ways. And it’s a part of you, I never want to lose. I’d do anything you want me to. Like any other day, I know I’ll find a way. And if ever I’m alone you’ll say,

I’ll be thinking about you.”

x x

pineapple swimsuit by Missguided

platforms by YRU 

sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by MDL photo

west village nostalgia

rachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, styleIMG_8088rachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, stylerachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, styleIMG_8096rachel lynch, blogger, nasty gal, hipster, styleBohemian child. West Village. Fourth-floor walk up. Even when I detach, I care. You can be separate from a thing and still care about it. If I wanted to detach completely, I would move my body away. I would stop the conversation mid-sentence. I would leave the bed. Instead, I hover over it for a second. I glance off in another direction. But I always glance back at you.

floral print fringe kimono by blu boutique

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand