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Holiday Dressing with Motel Rocks

I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeHere’s a second holiday look featuring a dress from Motel Rocks. This one’s probably the most easy-to-wear holiday party dress I own. It’s so simple to just throw on and match with a great necklace and fur. And again, I’ve decided to pair the fancy dress and fur with some awesome and casual kicks from TUK footwear. I love the striking disparity between the two, it’s wild but it works.

How would you guys style this awesome gold dress? I’d love to know!

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holiday dress by Motel Rocks

red feather fur from Revolve

boots by T.U.K. Shoes

photos by Brittanny Taylor

spring time flowers

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Spring flowers bring blonde hours, of styling, shopping, dancing and dreaming. We own the sky. It’s coming alive. As the season brings brighter suns and deeper roses, we can open up our creative minds to do things we’ve never dreamed of before. Take a day to just sit in your apartment and do. Buy a canvas or a sketch book and lose yourself, see what happens. Cook something with no instructions and invite your friends over to make masks or take polaroids with paint and stickers. I believe in the healing power of art and creativity. If you’re feeling stuck or down, get creative! I swear it will break you out of your rut. Also, listen to Grimes and the XX on repeat.

festival flower dress by Again 

flower crown by Again 

satin platforms by Jeffrey Campbell X Wildfox Couture 

photos by  Rich Little Poor Boys

salty hair diver

IMG_0310 copy diver1_edited-1 IMG_0312 copy IMG_0318 copy IMG_0345 copy IMG_0348 copy IMG_0390 copy salty2

I lose my faith a thousand times a day. Eyes wide open for the fall. I want to be a diver. Show me love or take away my fears. Under covers. You spin me round like a doll. You pull my strings till there’s nothing left. It’s so tragic. Seaside love is automatic. Realists and romantics. White noise, foaming waves. Salty hair, don’t tell me how to be.

salty hair beach coverup by Wildfox Couture

photos by Chris Nightengale