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Leo moon. Crafting spells in my castle. We’re all just entertainers. Champagne on my breath. Frank Sinatra out my speakers. Turn my crib into the Louvre.  I’m in my apartment being a ghost. I fell in love with the bad guy. I’ve never switched teams, been real from the go. I’m still the girl to watch.


hipster circa 08′ sunglasses by Zero UV

black panther leotard by Closet Whore 

black faux fur coat by Closet Whore

white dove swimsuit by Closet Whore 

vintage Moschino motorcycle jacket by Closet Whore

photos by Worn Out 

paris kids

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Sometimes the world was too fake. You felt alive in a sea of good night moon people. It’d be a different story if they were half awake. But you had opened your eyes to your purpose. Not that you knew your purpose, but nonetheless, you knew you had one. Yet, Paris was too old of a city, and we were too young. We started smoking thin cigarettes. Good times, you can feel it in the fashion. The streets got butterflies and enough kids to catch them. We’re too young and too free. So we danced down the alleyways singing, “let it shine.”

black leather dress by Young Hungry Free

sunglasses by Zero UV

black hat by American Apparel 


Black panther blonde girl. Dame de mort and black rose crown. When it got to wild in the west, she ran away to Paris to wear big hats and dance with boys. She hadn’t been back since she went to school there as a young girl, smoking extra skinny cigarettes outside her classroom doors and doodling medical designs.

It was time to give birth to the soul again, a little death, a little escape – that petite mort. 

black flower crown DIY

black circle sunglasses by Wildfox

black panther sweatshirt  from Dolls Kill 

Alize boots by Dr Marten 

photos by JagLever