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It’s a monday, aka it’s a beautiful day to leave me alone. Pizza is the flavor of the week. I don’t judge you for the weed smoke. You don’t judge me for the platforms. Who’s party is this? Who’s home is this? How’d I get here? The music’s too loud to hear a fire alarm, and I’m gonna set a fire if you don’t change the song. Now light another cigarette off the stove. These people need to lay off the sauce. I’m on my cloud, 6 inches up and staying there. Soda pop lunchables. I skate away cause I can’t hang with these kids. I’ve got a bag with a camera and paint. Arrived, made the rounds and did my thing. Now let the magic resume bitch.

wanna get high crop top by Jac Vanek

live on flowers and coffee crop top by Jac Vanek 

pizza boyfriend tee by Jac Vanek

it’s a beautiful day jacket by Jac Vanek 

photos by the Worn Out 


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Bring Brooklyn back, knock the doors down. Finding time to sit down on a computer this week is extra difficult; between hitting the BCBG runway show yesterday, dressing like a spiked out stoner at the Gap event and doing a shoot at the Dream Hotel, I hardly have time breath, let alone blog.

Yet, I’m attempting to pull through and bring you some Fashion Week madness. Here’s a little look I shot after a bunch of meetings and brunch in Brooklyn. Stay caught up with my instagram, @ihateblonde, As I and the other Miss KL fashion week bloggers bring you everything from the front lines.


creature coat by UNIF

rainbow dress by Prince of Peace

the happy face sunglasses by Jeremy Scott

tourment boot by demonia

metal stud collar by nasty gal