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i’m nobody’s baby, i’m everybody’s girl

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You look so warm, so dynamic. I was done at university and suddenly felt the world come alive around me. The trees came into color and nature seemed to beat like drums or a heart. See me run. I was wayward singing in a place I had closed my eyes to, but had always been. I ran through it all like I had never been there before. My surroundings were numb to me until I was granted my freedom.

Now it’s time. Time to be alive at all hours of the night. Time to play under the moon and picnic under the stars. Time to make photographs on rooftops and watch films outdoors. Time to read books I’ve never read, go to cities I’ve never been and fall in love with people I’ve never met.

white jewel cocktail dress by she inside

floral spring jacket by she inside

photos by ten 

Steal My Sunshine, Be My Moon

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Steal my sunshine, be my moon. The golden hours of the sun are a gift. Her eyes were astoundingly blue and astoundingly sharp. Nothing escaped her. She tried to put her grasp on the day, but the sun always seemed to disappear into the waves. She grabbed at the golden light like it was eternal, but it always seemed to slip through the spaces in her fingers. She lived between the sunsets and washed herself in the waves. Summer lover.

american girl shorts by Melacine Moon

rebel  shorts by Melacine Moon 

kimono by Melacine Moon

tee-shirts are vintage

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

wolf girl // return to the sea

Wolf girl returned to the sea to see if it was the same. She wanted to see if summer was where she had left it. But the storms had poured rain into the sands and rose the sea above her castle. She brought flowers for mother summer, but mother was no where to be found. Mother had left her island girls to hibernate for the winter, grow thick skin and becomes winter wolves.

The waves crashed an incredible light blue. She had creature fear. Perhaps she could learn to love the ocean like this too. She could learn to love it’s winds, breeze and ice chill. Perhaps she could love it in any condition, and she could return to it  all winter long.

wolf girl dress by hangers

leather jacket by nastygal 

boots from dollskill