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velvet cigarette

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You’re so damn cold with stars in your eyes. Velvet cigarette. Her body glistened in the moonlight. She knows your secrets.  You better get what you came for, listen to yourself. If you’re afraid in this world, you’re not doing it right. And if you purposely sabotage every good thing you have in your life just to prove a point, then are you really proving anything? It was a year of magic. I mean, it takes a special person to seek sadness. They say those who do it are afraid of life, but I feel like there’s more to it then that. Under the heat of life, one must nourish themselves from the roots just to stay alive. She felt the weight of the world.

velvet champagne supernova shorts by Tunnel Vision

black v-neck one piece by Nastygal

black circle half shades by Zero UV

photos by Worn Out  

paradise circus

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Paradise circus. Look at the girl with flames for eyes. The uneventful evening turned adventurous when we happened up the dark carnival. Riding on the possessed horses and trespassing into the fun house. Brooklyn may be sleeping but the carnival is alive in the hearts of the freaks. It walks wildly in the night, you can hear the water moving in the dunk tank. The clowns are fixing themselves for the next day. We run through the streets of the circus like we own it, like we’re the main event. Our eyes are on fire with the spooky summer sundown.

white crop top by nastygal

leather shorts by UNIF

the chi boot in black punched leather and smoke by Jeffrey Campbell

the 6 eyes backpack by UNIF

granny sunglasses by Wildfox

photos by Tessa Swag

castle in the sky


And a softness came from the starlight that filled me to the bone. The night sky light up and we wore our sunglasses down Avenue of the Americas. Playful lounging, hotel hopping. Pretending we are Sid and Nancy in the lobby. Check in with sunglasses and big hats on. The musician and the model. Only carry one small bag, you’ll find everything you need wherever you are. Feathers and butterflies falling from you luggage on the way up to the sixteenth floor, making funny faces in the elevator mirror. We retire the night to the galaxy.

pink kitten sweater by Wildfox Couture

juliet sunglasses by Wildfox Couture 

stockings  and garter by Victoria Secret

human alien boots by Jeffrey Campbell