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she’s living in a wasteland


 I’ve lost it all, I’m just a shadow. My eyes are damp and my legs are weak. I’ve been walking in this wasteland, and you’ve caused it. You’ve managed to build a world without love so I’m running away from it. I can’t stand to be in such a place. The skies are grey here and the trees hang so low they’re basically dead. It rains all the time, and not in that romantic way. It rains in the way that makes you feel so desperately alone.

I’ll build a new Paris. I’ll cover it in red velvet and hang diamonds from the ceilings that reflect upon our porcelain skin. We will cultivate our minds and bodies here as faithfully as we can. Whatever we try to do in this life, we will try with all of our hearts to do so fearlessly.

greaser dress by Love and Lemons

silver booties by Jeffrey Campbell for Shop Wasteland

black kitten frames by Wildfox

black garter dress by UNIF

metallic platform sandel by Giuseppe

photos by  Y.O! Photo 

Story of Lola

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A little while ago, Story of Lola sent this awesome jumper my way. Inspired by fairy tales, precious stones and telling stories in cropped tops, Story of Lola is a fun brand based out of London. Lola is an Aquarius with a turquoise star stone. She’s got jagger-esque lips and mystical qualities. From her own personal beauty, she coined together her brand that certainly embodies her beauty. She is Lola. She is always in love. She tells stories and looks chic in simple garments hanging from her east-London frame.

Kantis Long jumper by Story of Lola 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

black hat by NastyGal

stud clutch by BCBG