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mistaken for strangers

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You have to do it running, but you do everything that they ask you to. Cause you don’t mind seeing yourself in a picture as long as you look far away, as long as you look removed. Hat and black boots, fill yourself with memories.

You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends. When you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery Citibank lights. Arm in arm and eyes glazing under. You wouldn’t want an angel watching over you, surprise, surprise, they wouldn’t want to watch. Another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults.

Make up something to believe in your heart of hearts. So you have something to wear on your sleeve of sleeves.

satin slip dress by Motel

fur jacket by Miss KL 

gold necklace by Sequin 

glasses by spitfire

photos by Kohl Murdock

h e a r t b r e a k e r / / pt. 2

IMG_7325IMG_7387IMG_7404IMG_7297IMG_7326IMG_7314IMG_7330IMG_7361IMG_7436IMG_7459jIMG_7508IMG_7509IMG_7562IMG_7573Heroine Lolita. Ready to burn your house down, then find a spot for lunch. She’s got a golden smile and a platinum frown. Pink knife foreplay, sharp enough to slit your wrists. Won’t say sorry when she offends, she comes over to your place in her old man’s benz. You’re just a midnight snack, CT crunch status. Little body in a heart leotard and diamonds on everything. Lolita glasses with stockings in all colors, and she doesn’t take em off when she’s tearing up the covers.

candy heart leotard by Nasty Gal

white fur by Miss KL

revolt cage boot by Privileged 

photos by Gil Raitses


phillipvn-3 copyphillipvn-14 copyphillipvn-9 copyphillipvn-16 copyphillipvn-29 copyphillipvn-42 copyphillipvn-47 copyphillipvn-10 copyphillipvn-37 copyphillipvn-35 copyThe sixth day of New York Fashion Week began in one of my favorite places in the entire city, Central Park South. I decided to pull an all-white look because it just felt right. This dress is from Nasty Gal and the boots, and magical ice white fur, were sent to me by Miss KL. We shot these photos outside the Plaza Hotel, which holds a very special place in my heart. My parents celebrated their wedding here and I remember playing there as a little girl. Running down the red steps and creating mischief for the doormen, it was truly being a little Eloise at the Plaza Hotel. I could order room service at midnight, thirteen dollar chocolate chip cookies and tall glasses of milk.

After we shot, I edited my blog post and did emails at their cafe over a delicious soy mocha. Now it’s time to do it all over again, one more day of Fashion Week for me. Feeling so blessed.


white gown by Nasty Gal

white fur jacket by Miss KL 

revolt cage boot in white by Privileged

blondie aviators by Zero UV

photos by Phillip VN