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It’s a monday, aka it’s a beautiful day to leave me alone. Pizza is the flavor of the week. I don’t judge you for the weed smoke. You don’t judge me for the platforms. Who’s party is this? Who’s home is this? How’d I get here? The music’s too loud to hear a fire alarm, and I’m gonna set a fire if you don’t change the song. Now light another cigarette off the stove. These people need to lay off the sauce. I’m on my cloud, 6 inches up and staying there. Soda pop lunchables. I skate away cause I can’t hang with these kids. I’ve got a bag with a camera and paint. Arrived, made the rounds and did my thing. Now let the magic resume bitch.

wanna get high crop top by Jac Vanek

live on flowers and coffee crop top by Jac Vanek 

pizza boyfriend tee by Jac Vanek

it’s a beautiful day jacket by Jac Vanek 

photos by the Worn Out 

she’s living in a wasteland


 I’ve lost it all, I’m just a shadow. My eyes are damp and my legs are weak. I’ve been walking in this wasteland, and you’ve caused it. You’ve managed to build a world without love so I’m running away from it. I can’t stand to be in such a place. The skies are grey here and the trees hang so low they’re basically dead. It rains all the time, and not in that romantic way. It rains in the way that makes you feel so desperately alone.

I’ll build a new Paris. I’ll cover it in red velvet and hang diamonds from the ceilings that reflect upon our porcelain skin. We will cultivate our minds and bodies here as faithfully as we can. Whatever we try to do in this life, we will try with all of our hearts to do so fearlessly.

greaser dress by Love and Lemons

silver booties by Jeffrey Campbell for Shop Wasteland

black kitten frames by Wildfox

black garter dress by UNIF

metallic platform sandel by Giuseppe

photos by  Y.O! Photo 

lullaby, let it fly

asif1magic1 nightmare2 lullayby1 nightmare3sun1 nightmare5

Lullaby, let it fly. Hearts on fire, little nightmare lolita. I spend my days telling love stories that I lived in Los Angeles. You make me want to burn in the sun. She had known happiness, it light through her like the dusk. The sun falls back into the sky and you’re way beyond the waves. The blue fell out of the sea and the sun came down in billows of lemons. She tasted the sky, and it was enough.

AS IF sweater by Wildfox Couture

Granny sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

sunhat by American Apparel 

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka