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adventure time // new york style

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I will be wild as a child, look at me feeling so free now. I lose all my air just laughing. There is so much to explore. And everything is so covered in commercials, we forget the simple magic that resides inside every door. It’s one of those nights we want to make the mundane magical. There is no reason, other than our own personal happiness. Robbing grocery stories of their toilet paper supply, standing in ice machines, hiding in parking lots and heading down a rabbit hole with a ghost glow stick. You can’t always depend on others to make you smile, sometimes you have to just laugh at yourself.

black hoodie sweater by Widow

black leather shorts by Nastygal

gold glitter boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

smile sunglasses by Jeremy Scott 

photos by Tessa Abrahams

breaking burritos

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Her pistol go, cause she a fashion killa’. Waking up to A$AP Rocky and Balenciaga. Jeremy Scott frames and thousand dollar platforms. Nothing is ever “ready to wear.” Egyptian funk. Spikes and glitter. Get throwed right. She’s just a little brooklyn girl getting ready for fashion week.

breaking bad leggings by Poprageous

Burrito Crop top by Danielle Guizio

platforms by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor 


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I call that bitch tarantula. I roll with the meanest of girls. Of course, you can’t sit with us. Smile shades, tripping you with my spike shoes, ’cause that’s just how I feel today. Lemonade and strutting right past you. You think I saw you, but you never even crossed my vision. Body like a coke bottle, group texting strictly in emojis. Colder than your milkshake. And my milkshake brings your boyfriend to the yard, and my girlfriends bring all your girls to the yard. It’s nothing like it was back in High School. I never fuck with beginners. Me and my crew, better bet we’ll slide through.

misfit tee by Feather Hearts

tie-dye overalls + stud shorts by Momme

spike shoes by UNIF

sunglasses by Jeremy Scott

photos by Kimberly Capriotti