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nasty gal nasty gal nasty gal nasty gal nasty gal nasty gal nasty galShe said when she was just five years old, there was nothin’ happenin’ at all. Every time she puts on the radio, there was nothing going down at all.

Then one fine morning she puts on a New York station. You know she don’t believe what she heard at all. She started shakin’ to that fine, fine music. You know her live was saved by rock n roll.

Despite all the amputations you know you could just go out and dance to the rock n roll station. And baby, it was alright.

Yeah, you know her life was saved by rock n roll.

leopard dress by Nasty Gal

yellow fur by Bitching and Junkfood

boots by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Fernando Paz

h e a r t b r e a k e r / /

IMG_7223 copy IMG_7246 copy IMG_7220 copy IMG_7219 copy IMG_7244 copyI heard she broke your heart again, so now you’re gonna come and see me. Candy heart eyes at the door, apologizes and rose cheek responses. Her baby’s got the loving arm. And she’s got her heart tied up, cause she just wants to dance all the time. Top back, gunning down the coast to love. Nights on the motorway and smoke filled cars. It was all an illusion, a dream within a dream. The sky was purple and their skin was tan. I never get too close, I like to get results.

pink love dress by Nasty Gal

heart eye glasses by Zero UV

blue fur coat by Nasty Gal 

glitter platforms by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Phillip VN

animal attraction

IMG_1932 - REV IMG_1940 - REV IMG_1952 - REV IMG_2017 - REV IMG_2023 - REV IMG_2026 - REV IMG_2030 - REVSaw you walking across the floor, you caught my eye. Dirty fishnets and bright red lips, my favorite kind. With a look that says keep your distance, but not too far.

Slow it down now, the night is young and we’ve still got time. Eyelashes and exchanging glances, I’d like to get inside of your mind. But she doesn’t the patience for the smallest conversation. She just said, “keep your life story to yourself, let me show you how it’s suppose to be.”

red dress by nastygal

white fur coat by nastygal

shoes by Jeffrey Campbell 

make up by Amanda Yensan

photos by Fernando Paz