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Magic in Jac Vanek

i hate blonde - jac vanek - streetwear - blogger - los angelesi hate blonde - jac vanek - streetwear - blogger - los angeles i hate blonde - jac vanek - streetwear - blogger - los angeles I Hate Blonde i hate blonde - jac vanek - streetwear - blogger - los angeles i hate blonde - jac vanek - streetwear - blogger - los angeles I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate BlondeHere’s three awesome pieces that my girl Jac Vanek sent me! She’s one of my favorite people to promote on my blog. Not only do I love her funny and ironic clothing, but I actually adore everything she stands for. Her motto is, “Be brave, be kind” which speaks to unwavering balance. Her teeshirts and jackets are some of my favorite that I’ve worn on my blog, you guys usually flip for her pizza tees and “leave me alone” jackets!

This bed sweatshirt, purple leopard kimono and leopard dress are some of my favorite from her fall collection. The bed sweatshirt is literally so soft and cuddly on the inside! I love the leopard kimono for wearing around the house, while I sip kombucha at my desk in a leotard and listen to vegan gurus on youtube. But what I’ve probably worn the most is this leopard dress, it reminds me of Edie Sedgwick/the Factory. It has this 60s cut and flair to it. I’ve wore it to a few holiday events in the city last week.

I hope you guys have a killer Friday, much love!

x x

I <3 Bed Sweatshirt

Purple Leopard Kimono

Leopard Print Factory Girl Dress

photos by Brittanny Taylor


IMG_9419 IMG_9435 IMG_9436 IMG_9461 copy IMG_9462 IMG_9464 IMG_9465 IMG_9468 IMG_9469 whiskey2 IMG_9441 IMG_9482 IMG_9443Happy Friday my loves! It’s been a fucking dope week. I’m super happy with the last three post on my blog… I’ve been surrounded by so much talent and working with photographers that I really admire. It’s all about keeping people in your life that challenge you, especially when it comes to art.

Anyways, today’s look involves a dope tee from Jac Vanek and these killer kicks from YRU. As well as having the red ones featured here, the designer of YRU also sent me a pair of them in silver (previously seen on my blog + instagram.) I literally haven’t taken them off for these past three weeks. They are the coziest, not to mention the most chic, pair of flats I have owned in a long time. I’m so into them. I suggest you cop some if you’re looking for a good pair of flats this summer that will still match your all black/dark outfits.

Happy Weekend babes!

x x

wolf shoe in red by YRU

shirt by Jac Vanek

hat by UNIF

photos by Stylfeen

aloha flower child

rachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lyncha1a2a3a4a5a6rachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynchaloah10rachel lynchrachel lynchAloha. Child of the flowers. Spirit in the leaves, she grows from the seeds. You come into this life with nothing and you leave with nothing. The only thing you can do with your life is give it away. This is the true essence of feeling purposeful.

She wandered through the flowers, and thought about the world. Everyday, she would go to her purpose, and know that joy that came from being there. When we find our divine employment,  it feeds us energy as much as we feed it.

A thorn stuck in her finger as she played in the rose garden, but she reminded herself of her own commitment to happiness in the face of obstacles. She transcended the energy of the moment, and used it as a guide. She chose higher energy, she never stayed in sadness long.

Follow and live your heart’s desires. Follow your bliss, and the doors will open for you.

sun kimono and aloha bitches tee by Jac Vanek

black leather boots by Jeffrey Campbell

rings by Katie Dean Jewelry

photos by Make Dreams Life