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ihateblondexave32Hey guys! I’ve teamed up with Avenue 32, the luxury online destination for women’s clothing, to bring you my dream list and seasonal selections.

Basically, take the above as how I would dress my spirit animal. She is a wild child, but drenched in pops of color. She wears lingere as outwear and underneath fur coats, like she was one of Warhol’s factory girl. She is leopard, she is flowers and is pure fun.

The first piece we’ll discuss is this candy pink mohair coat on the right. It’s by A.W.A.K.E. and perfect to pair with a sexy set of lingerie or over a long evening dress for a jaw-dropping look. The long floral coat is also by A.W.A.K.E. and omg can we talk about it’s collar? Wearing this, I’d feel like a disney princess/band groupie cast in Almost Famous. I would wear this with a little crop top and bell bottoms for a night out in Soho, or with a mini dress and thigh-high lace up leather boots for a Stevie Nicks look.

Let’s move on to this beautiful bralette by Alexander Wang. I know you’ve been seeing this piece everywhere, but I think it’s an amazing staple, especially for those of you who want to add a little refined rock n roll to your wardrobes. Another staple piece I’ve included in my must haves are these leather ribbed knee trousers by BLK Denim. Leather pants are my go to when I need to get ready fast but still want to look cool. They make any outfit good. Just pair these babies with a white tee and some laced up black boots and you’re more than gold.

Next, I had to go for this lush pink bralette and panty! I’d wear this with a fur and funky glasses at home in my apartment drinking champagne and snapping polariods. It’s such a sexy little number to wear drinking tea and doing emails with a soft see-through robe over you. I love dressing sexy at home.

Lastly, let’s talk accessories. I’m dying over this dusty pink shearling backpack and these citrine yellow heels by A Wang. Lush on lush on lush! The texture of this backpack is a statement piece in and of itself. I love how it’s complex but small, so it’s not an overwhelming piece to add to a look. These heels would look simply amazing with an all black outfit, black leather pants, or one of these floor length coats.

Can we say yummy? I hope this little I HATE BLONDE holiday gift guide helps drift you down the path of lush, sexy and playful colors. Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean you need to dress like a cold ass bitch.

x x

Holiday Dressing with Motel Rocks

I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate Blonde I Hate BlondeI Hate BlondeHere’s a second holiday look featuring a dress from Motel Rocks. This one’s probably the most easy-to-wear holiday party dress I own. It’s so simple to just throw on and match with a great necklace and fur. And again, I’ve decided to pair the fancy dress and fur with some awesome and casual kicks from TUK footwear. I love the striking disparity between the two, it’s wild but it works.

How would you guys style this awesome gold dress? I’d love to know!

x x

holiday dress by Motel Rocks

red feather fur from Revolve

boots by T.U.K. Shoes

photos by Brittanny Taylor

Heart Of Glass <3

blondie - i hate blonde - rachel lynch - rebel circusblondie - i hate blonde - rachel lynch - rebel circusblondie - i hate blonde - rachel lynch - rebel circusblondie - i hate blonde - rachel lynch - rebel circusblondie - i hate blonde - rachel lynch - rebel circusblondie - i hate blonde - rachel lynch - rebel circusIMG_5710 IMG_5719Little rock n roller over on the East Side. Laced up thigh-highs and leopard everything. Three olive dirty Martini and a manicure. Rock n roll requests at beauty bar till all hours of the night, dancing around the discotheque. Channeling Blondie in more ways the one, the future of rock n roll and the nights spend running around New York City.

“Heart Of Glass” was Blondie’s first single. And according to my dad (rock n roll guru) it crossed a lot of bridges for music. It fused rock and disco/dance sounds for the first time in the late 70s. Blondie and her band also had sort of a punk image at the time when punk rock was really popular – but they were not even adhering to the sound that necessarily went with that style.

In this post, I am wearing a full look from New York store, Rebel Circus! It’s really nice for me to be able to work with brands that are not only representing New York, but also bringing e-commerce to a more punk rock crowd. Expect a lot more rock n roll goodness from us in the upcoming months.

x x

green leopard dress by Rebel Circus

fishnet bow thigh-highs by Rebel Circus

paige leopard shoes by Rebel Circus

photos by David Aronson