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i’m into you

IMG_6692IMG_6696jc7newyears-25jc8newyears-30jc9jc11jc13jc14jc15jc17jc21jc29jc30jc31newyears-44IMG_6752jc38newyearsjc39jc2jc35jc37jc42jc43jc44jc49jc5newyears-19“I got a feeling we are gonna win. Our bodies make it perfect and your eyes can make me swim. Then again everything seems new, I can barely hold my tongue, to say the least, I’m into you.

And our eyes are saying more than we can talk, and warmer than our bedroom sport. And your thighs are kisses from the outside, girl that’s all I need.

I’ll take you down the other road, to breathe in something more. I’ll find it harder to ignore the things I want you for.

The rhythm was all I needed to hear, a woman can treat my heart. When I press up an ear up to you, I can hear the rhythm start, it’s hard to tell our beats apart.

So I hope you’re listening right now, cause I can barely hold my tongue the shit we do could warm the sun.

At night twisted in a melting fall and sleeping with the scratching claws. And your words, let me know you’re feeling me and seeing all the things I see.”

Rowdy-F boots by Jeffrey Campbell

lingerie + cape by For Love & Lemons

photos by David Aronson

every kingdom // nyc

IMG_7828 IMG_7829 IMG_7837IMG_7845 IMG_7847 IMG_7879 IMG_7881 IMG_7889IMG_7821Here’s a look I put together majorly with two items from Revolve. The first are these Vivienne Skinny Jeans I bought from Revolve by Siwy. They’re so awesome, they are jeans on the top but leather on the legs. So it looks like a leather pant, but all the comfort and flexibility of a good quality jean in the waist and butt. Next, is this black and white jacket by I purchased from Revolve by Line & Dot. It’s super puffy, but chic. It’s got little vegan leather cuffs with cute buttons on them!

Finally, I topped this look off with a fab pair of Zero UV sunglasses and this horn necklace I am obsessed with from The Blue Hen. Also, my tee is a cheap black one by Brandy Melville. I love their stuff!

photos by Phillip Van Nosstrand

Missguided X I Hate Blonde

m1 m2 m3 m4 m6 m7 m8 m9 m11 m12Here’s a little winter fur look I styled from Missguided. I decided to pair this baby bear brown fur over this AMAZING playsuit! I literally love this thing! It’s like a sexy little scuba diver barbie suit! It’s made of neoprene. It makes me feel fabulous and like a doll at all times.

I paired it with my wildfox cat-eye sunglasses and my YRU white stack platforms! (Which I’m about to need another pair of because I wear the shit out of them!)

Anyways, I hope you are all enjoying these few exciting days before Christmas! I know I am <3

x x

brown fur by Missguided

white barbie playsuit by Missguided

sunglasses by Wildfox

shoes by YRU 

photos by Bri Elledge