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your voice, your love

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When you’re in love with the lead singer of a band. Your voice, your heart, your spirit. Nothing is more exciting than the innocence of a crush, the subtle uncertainty of flirting. The shaking inside, we call it butterflies. Breath out, breath in. The most natural high. The shakers, the boy that’s the complete opposite of everything you are. The Bob Dylan to your Edie Sedgwick. You don’t know long it’s going to last, the world is cruel. But it doesn’t matter, because you’re a dreamer.

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hendrix pants by prince of peace 

stud crop top by UNIF

hat by nastygal

cross jewels from shop gypsum

edie was a gypsy

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Edie was a gypsy. With her big lashes, olives, earrings, tights and crystal blue eyes. Modern-day gypsy. Iggy pop and an escape to upstate New York. She was full of wounds, but still standing on her own two feet. She enjoyed what she knew for certain, and had faith in the rest. Restless in the world, her hair was always being pulled to the stars. And that’s where she did her dreaming. She didn’t mind being up there. It was a sigh of relief when they all went to sleep. She could be herself, by herself. All the being and doing and glittering shrunk into a sense of gratitude upon her bed as she lay invisible.

I know you all asked for me to do some more street style posts, so here we go! This is a little look I threw together today inspired by gypsies, edie sedgwick, and dark lace. Lots of love and peace, happy friday!

sheer black cross top by gypsum

silver cross chain necklace and matching earrings by gypsum 

black hat by nastygal

lace tights by express 

human alien shoes by jeffrey campbell x human aliens