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wish somebody would of seen us, babe


Wish somebody would of seen us, babe. When it’s just us two, there is nothing they can say or do. And everybody else don’t mean a thing. New York Fashion Week, check- in time. Hotels flooded with lovers, haters and the in-betweens who are too weak to choose a side. We roll up in a cloud of smoke, crash on the 16th floor. We take the nights as they come at us, and make the best of it. Cinnamon lips, bodies like water falling down a hill, full speed ahead in one direction. It is worth every scar and every sleepless night.  If you didn’t risk the fall, you have loved no one but yourself.

kitten sunglasses by Wildfox

beach maxi dress by Wildfox

crop top by Topshop

bell bottoms by Edge of Urge 

photos by Samantha Rex 

breaking burritos

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Her pistol go, cause she a fashion killa’. Waking up to A$AP Rocky and Balenciaga. Jeremy Scott frames and thousand dollar platforms. Nothing is ever “ready to wear.” Egyptian funk. Spikes and glitter. Get throwed right. She’s just a little brooklyn girl getting ready for fashion week.

breaking bad leggings by Poprageous

Burrito Crop top by Danielle Guizio

platforms by UNIF

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Alina Tsvor 

bright eyes in the west village

westvillage2westvilage3 westvillage4westvillage5westvillage1

Bright eyes in the west village. You won’t know until you get there. And you won’t feel until you’ve been inside it. One’s emotions are intensified here — one can be more happy but also more unhappy than in any other place. I used to know the names of every person I kissed here, now I’ve made a bed that’s hard to lay in. It used to be the traffic that kept me up at night, now it’s the howling dissatisfaction of my actions. Noise is like a lullaby. The silence is so much louder. All the coffee shops that leave you cold as ice. Switching cities every week just to see the people you love. I’ll never get anything right. I don’t care about money, I send postcards. I pray to the saints and my journal is split in two because I like it that way. The sense of presence is overwhelming. I feel alive everywhere, all at the same time. I am growing out of my skin and I have no way to stop it.

white crop top by Nastygal 

sunglasses by Quay

bell bottoms by American Apparel

stud bag by Michael Kors