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I recently had the pleasure of being contacted by T.U.K. Shoes to collaborate on a few looks with them. The first shoe I selected was of course, pink! I love this classic shoe with the little black laces. I’m excited to wear these around Brooklyn and into the coffee shops with my black leather skinny jeans. For this look, I tried to find a funky way of wearing them for going out. I paired them with thigh-highs because (who else would do that) and I actually think it looks kind of rad, but let me know what you think! How would you style these shoes?

pink platforms by T.U.K. shoes

hellarina dress by UNIF

leather cap by OAK NYC

stockings by Alice + Olivia 

photos by Fernando Gcervantes

no baby, i’m an animal


No baby, I’m an animal. I chose to dive down the rabbit hole. I’m like Alice, I find this life rather curious. I could of lived a normal life, but my childhood was filled with too many fairlytales, and I decided to live out the things I found in books. There’s no room to grow up in your world, I’m still playing, still making magic. When you imagine, you create. I created my blonde world out of stockings and shoes, out of milk and glitter. People come in and out of my world, but here I remain. They add meaning to my walls and details to my story. There is no limit to how wonderful I want those in my world to feel. I want them to taste all the magic I have, to drink from the cup of creative love I was offered. You see, some people want to punish you for seeing the world a certain way, but I intend to take those people and build a treehouse with them.

Everything is illuminated.

So stoked to show off this little collab I did with Nina Palomba. Literally some of the coolest art I’ve ever seen. Her whole site is unbelievable and I recommend following her on instagram. So stoked to be moving into her neighborhood, expect much more goodness.


photo art by Nina Palomba