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McCarren Hotel and Pool

IMG_1230 IMG_1242 IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1260 IMG_1267 IMG_1273 IMG_1274 IMG_1281 IMG_1304 IMG_1321 IMG_1336 IMG_1342Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending the day at the McCarren Hotel and Pool. The hotel just recently got redone and it’s simply divine. The poolside is so beautifully decorated with the best atmosphere in Williamsburg. We spent the day laying in the sun, eating guacamole, and drinking champagne. Right before the sun went down, I laid out on some chairs to dry off and finish up reading a novel. It’s hard to find a good poolside in New York City, but I feel at home at McCarren.

Happy Summer everyone!

x x

bow swimsuit by Red Velvet

metallic sandals by Giuseppe

photos by Phillip VN

location by McCarren Hotel + Pool

a day in the dollhouse

d16d8d3d4d5d6d17d28d26d25d24d23d22d21d18d20d19d10d9d12d13d14d11d15d7d8d2d1d29A day in the dollhouse. Little castle in the middle of Brooklyn. Blonde n’ loving it. Morning starts with playing dress up. A million articles of clothing on your floor by noon- dress, hats, feathers, gold and lace. What character do you feel like being today? Perhaps a mermaid, perhaps a cowgirl, maybe even Sailor Moon? Decide on space angel in a white dress and press go. Then it’s off to the fridge for breakfast, which usually just involves cutting up mango and spilling almond milk on the floor. Blasting Iggy Azalea as you curl your hair. Daydreaming of pink houses and Jamaican boys and neon clothing.

Throw a fur on, and run out the door. Big sunglasses on for this Friday adventure. Play in the park and collect pink flowers for your girlfriend. Kiss the sky, wear a cape and pack a picnic. Fresh air afternoon in a little bit of spring paradise. After that, return to your apartment and dance around into your swimsuit until you decide what to wear. It’s Friday night and you want to go out dressed as a mermaid. Running around, slipping on your wood floors. Eating avocado and sipping sparkling water. You finally decide on big black boots and a little dress. The evening is yours, you’ll be back in the dollhouse before the clock strikes midnight.

x x

white dress by AGAIN

white platforms by YRU 

black lace up boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

hello swimsuit by Wildfox 

jewelry by Sequin NYC

photos by Jenn Senn

get it on

rachel lynchrachel lynchgetiton5Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 presetgetiton6getiton8getiton7rachel lynchgetiton10getiton12getiton14getiton13getiton15getiton22getiton18getiton17getiton20rachel lynch54getiton26getiton23getiton24getiton2564rachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynch, unifrachel lynchrachel lynchgetiton3getiton4getiton28rachel lynchgetiton16rachel lynchrachel lynchrachel lynch52getiton2getiton21Do you down, I’ve been clowning around. A girl glows from an apartment window. It’s morning in Brooklyn, and the fridge is filled with avocados and mangos. It’s not the same magic you’ve felt before. Breakfast turns into a pillow-fight, and a pillow-fight turns into getting dressed for the day.

Twist on a feeling, and taking to the streets. Cheese fries and afternoon sodas in the west village. A cigarette on a city bike. Small talk with truckers and shinny tires. Subway to Soho, it’s not those spells you’ve felt before.  Writing film love stories to fill the day, the sun comes down in all shades of yellow. Backseat kissers. Going faster and faster.

The nighttime is my time. Johnny Cash and the XX. Open bottle of wine on the evening, reflections. Two glasses in and spinning into the bathroom to light a cigarette. Watch your smoke blow in the mirror, falling in space. I can feel the heat of the night on my face, I can feel the beat of the flash in my chest. I can feel that we are everything we want to be, exceeding our own expectations with each inhale and glare into the mirror.

Jump from the ledge and crawl on the kitchen table. We take to the outside. Winter still chills our red fingers, blood pumping and familiar to the taste of an evening. We are wild running in the warehouses filled with teens like us. Chugging sugar champagne and swallowing gummy worms. Stabbing pens in my hands and sharing our leather jackets. I will stand on the roofs of Brooklyn’s finest in the name of the young kids.

Cause you see, I’ve been clowning around, but it’s not what it seems. And I know that it don’t count much, but you’d be better with me. It will all be fine when we get it on.

photo editorial by Sam Livm