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when it rains in Rome,

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Walking in the rain without you here. Lonely hearts, learning to live inside my body. I listened loud to the clouds, the thunder. I felt a haunting loneliness. Take time and face a fear we both hold. The miracle of feeling. When I looked at you, my life made sense. Even the hurt and the pain. It was necessary to make you possible. Sometimes, it’s the smallest that save us when the weather’s growing cold.

hellerina dress by UNIF

pink cat sweater by Wildfox

Juliet shades by Wildfox

photos by Bliss Katherine

sweetness, the blonde vacation

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The sweetness will not be concerned with me. That’s a pretty nice top your cadillac. Fly enough to take me and my little pink sunglasses anywhere. Ghost blonde swag. She’s a daybreaker with the tide. I hear you’re moving real fine tonight. Come roaming on the freeway. Take my heart, wear my sunglasses, kiss my cheek, I wish you would.

skeleton swimsuit by wildfox

black fur coat by BCBG

pink Juliet sunglasses by wild fox

photos by Bliss Katherine 


island girl

Balancing all the thoughts in my head, sketching octopuses and mermaids during a chemistry lecture. Found a state of mind where I could smile. It took a little time, some  paintbrushes and a few new friends, but happiness comes from the state of mind on the inside. Fingers, peach lips, polish and stickers all over my class assignments. Magic inside your fingertips, good thoughts inside your head.

Island girl with costal charm, processes the world by getting on her skate or surf board. California circle sunglasses and pink sugar skeletons. A morning coffee on the docks before class and an evening ride, leather satchels and monster heels.

all photos by Bliss Katherine

stud harness by The Scarlet Room

sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

Dress from Nastygal

pink hellbounds by UNIF

pink skeleton braclet from Dolls Kill