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the haunted circus

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My heart is big, my blood is slow. We took deep breaths at the circus. We watched time pass as we spun in circles like ring masters. Dressed to kill, venom lips and dark secrets. Glowing threats, push my heart against the window and watch it burn. Welcome to the Haunted Circus, we’re all going down.

the haunted circus

set design: Jacquelin Stanford
make-up: Lisa Heitman
photo: John Sedivy

wow, aliens can get sexual too

alien2 alien3 alien4 alien5 alien6 alien7alien1blackballon2 IMG_6196 IMG_6356 tomford1 moto1 tomford2tomford333

Wow, aliens can get sexual too. And you can call your momma right now and tell her you met an alien. The lower east side bungalow. Girls call your crib, I’m answering the phone. I am the baddest chic. This is the jump off. I run down your street blaring my music in a crop top, drinking sprite in neon platforms. Brunette barbie dressed like extraterrestrial-being leading the mob. Our presence is felt, believe me sweetie. All different flavors. Ain’t born typical. Who says aliens can’t survive on ice cream?

Santa Barbra Lenon Sweater by Wildfox Couture

pink neon alien shoes by Human Aliens for Jeffrey Campbell

kitti sunglasses by Quay Eyeware Australia 

pink crystal ball ring by Prophecy Rings

photos by Tessa Swag

the of valley of death

IMG_3988 copy 235 valley2

And although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, my hope still remains. I’ve got waves that are tossing me, crashing all over my beliefs. And in all sincerity, I want to be yours. Pull me out of this mess I’m in, lead my soul back home again. If I can fight a little longer, I know it will make me stronger. I’ll just keep holding on to what I believe, until it manifests in me.

california crop top by Wildfox

lace shorts by Gina Marie Vintage

hell boot by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by jaglever