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crystal ball

MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch008- rachel lynch-wildfox-brooklyn-hamptonstee MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch009-rachel lynch-wildfox-wildfox couture MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch010- rachel lynch- wildfox- wildfox couture-wildfoxcouture-i hate blonde-lookbook-bushwick-castlebraid MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch011 MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch012MellyLee-IHateBlonde-RachelLynch007Winter comes in a crystal ball. I see it, and shake it. I held you inside, safe like the town of a snow globe. The sun sets on your skin, it touches you and somehow you know you can be human once again. So you let it caress you, the little bit of warmth on your shoulders moves them to come alive. Night music transports through colored clouds, in hues of purple, light blue, baby pink and burning orange. They all flood to make magic for your eyes. I am the lonely voyager on deck and she is the sea. It’s hard to tell the difference between sea and sky, between reality and the workings of a crystal ball.

hamptons top by Wildfox Couture

cream hamptons vacation pant by American Apparel

mirror aviators by Wildfox Couture

cotton candy coat by Nastygal

photos by Melly Lee

Launch of the Levi’s Revel


I’m stoked to be a part of today’s launch for the new Levi’s revel denim.  They’ve designed a new jean that has an amazing liquid feel to them. They’re super flattering and keep their shape. And for someone who just throws her clothes everywhere/random bags/sleepovers etc, it’s nice to have a pair of jeans that don’t get all wrinkly. I’m wearing the pressed dark wash. Check the link in my outfit info and try them on for yourself.


revel jeans by Levi’s

tank by All Saints 

hat by American Apparel 

sunglasses by Zero UV

photos by Yuya Ohasi

set by product of mars

makeup by Dana Riordan

bright eyes in the west village

westvillage2westvilage3 westvillage4westvillage5westvillage1

Bright eyes in the west village. You won’t know until you get there. And you won’t feel until you’ve been inside it. One’s emotions are intensified here — one can be more happy but also more unhappy than in any other place. I used to know the names of every person I kissed here, now I’ve made a bed that’s hard to lay in. It used to be the traffic that kept me up at night, now it’s the howling dissatisfaction of my actions. Noise is like a lullaby. The silence is so much louder. All the coffee shops that leave you cold as ice. Switching cities every week just to see the people you love. I’ll never get anything right. I don’t care about money, I send postcards. I pray to the saints and my journal is split in two because I like it that way. The sense of presence is overwhelming. I feel alive everywhere, all at the same time. I am growing out of my skin and I have no way to stop it.

white crop top by Nastygal 

sunglasses by Quay

bell bottoms by American Apparel

stud bag by Michael Kors