The Ace Hotel

rachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrrachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrrachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrrachel lynch - vintage - ace hotel - tumblrDuring fashion week, Shooka and I stoped by the Ace Hotel to visit our friend Justin. He and I both moved out of Chicago around the same time. In Chicago, Justin owned the most amazing gallery in Wicker Park. He held gallery openings and shows that really gave the most relevant artists in Chicago a voice and a place to display their work. Since then, he’s moved to Los Angeles and started collecting vintage clothing. He’s always had the eye for eccentric and amazing pieces. The first time we ever shot (back in 2010 maybe?) he dressed me up in some awesome threads!

He’s going to be traveling a lot more now between NY/LA and hopefully will start selling his clothes at the Williamsburg flea or opening a store of the like.

It’s amazing to grow up with artists around you and watch them develop and change as well. I hope you guys enjoy these few film photos of me and my #1 girl dressed by the lovely, Justin Markin.


kiss the sky

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Riding on my little super-nova hurricane. Saturday nights in the city. You come on over to my hotel room. Spinning round my head and out onto the balcony. We count the lights on in the contiguous buildings. My hand finds yours and we start to dance. Don’t know what I might do.

lips bodysuit by Poprageous

red leather jacket by Lip Service

photos by The Worn Out 

Model Launcher: Make-up Review

makeup - review - blogger - rachel lynch - i hate blondei hate blonde - rachel lynch - makeup - model - model launcher - makeup reviewi hate blonde - rachel lynch - makeup - model - model launcher - makeup reviewi hate blonde - rachel lynch - makeup - model - model launcher - makeup reviewi hate blonde - rachel lynch - makeup - model - model launcher - makeup review
I Hate BlondeI have a new make-up routine that I’m really excited to share with you guys. Most of you know, I’m not super into beauty products, I throw some coconut oil and mascara on my face and head to yoga. Therefore, I’m always looking for the easiest and quickest way to achieve a day look.

I ordered a few products from Model Launcher and came up with a little routine of my own.

First, let’s start with the eyes. I’m using the smoke + mirrors eyeshadow quad for the shadow on my eyelid. I’m really into the color on the top left of the quad, it’s got this cool grey shimmer to it (with some brown undertones.) I found it to be a nice color to use all over my eyelid and even below my brow bone. The second part of my eye look, which might be the product I am most obsessed with, is the gel liner. I have it in both brown and lavender (the brown is pictured above.) I really like to get it first in my water line, then a little below in my lash line. It’s really smooth to put on, so it’s easy to get in the water and lash line without irritation. I love how much this one simple product can do for you overall eye look. I even wear the lavender liner under my eyes with just mascara for a little pop of color. I find it really brings out the blue in my eyes.

Next, let’s move on to cheeks. Where I’ve used this awesome contour powder duoThe combined colors are perfect for gentle conturing. I use one brush and put a little of both colors on it to gently press into my cheek bone. I like how light and fresh the combination of the two colors create. I also really like this leopard print safari bronzer. It’s a little more intense than the powder duo, so use it to really add some warmth to your nose, cheeks and forehead.

Lastly, I sort of fell in love with this lipstick color, evolve. It’s like the perfect pink, but not too pink. I have a really hard time finding lipsticks I like. I always seem to hate having color on my lips if it isn’t the perfect shade. Admittedly, I’ve been wearing this one daily (even to my yoga class!) Not really sure what makes the pigment so fitting for my skin-tone, but I’m so happy I came across it.

I found that these products really work well together to create a simple day look for me, that isn’t time-consuming. I even bring the gel liner, bronzer, and lipstick in my bag for touch-ups if I’ve got a long day ahead.

I hope this helps some of you, let me know if you have any questions!


photos by Brittanny Taylor