Upper West Side

IMG_7690 IMG_7718 up1 up2 up4 up329Here’s a cool look I shot with Phil on the Upper West Side a few weeks back. I’m wearing a really cool leopard jacket from Missguided and these super funky shoes form Kat Macoine.

I actually bought the shoes for Fashion Week, but I didn’t end up wearing them. Nasty Gal was carrying them, so I bought them from there. Sadly, you can’t get them on their anymore.  The heel is super cool cause it’s square. I don’t own any shoes with a heel like that, so I had to have them!

Anyways, that’s all I have for today guys! Tomorrow I’m going to be uploading a super special editorial shot in my new home again so get stoked! (Oh and tomorrow is Friday, so duh! Be excited!)


leopard coat by Missguided

square pink heels by Kat Macoine

photos by Phillip Van Nosstrand

Black & White for Days

b11 bw1 bw2 bw3 bw4 bw5 bw6bw7bw10Happy Tuesday guys! It’s pouring right now in NYC, but I just got back from the gym and I’m feeling so energized and inspired! I have a lot of exciting things coming for you guys, including some fun shoots with my boyfriend and some big stuff on the West Coast.

Anyways, here’s one of my favorite basic looks to rock on a weekday. I just got this black and white jacket by Line & Dot (absolutely obsessed!)  and I paired it with my favorite basic white tee + leather pants. There is really nothing like a big fur coat over a simple white tee shirt + leather. It’s so casual yet chic.

My shoes are by UNIF & they make me like 6 feet tall (totes necessary for chic points~) & the sunnies are of course by Wildfox. The classic round frames are still some of my favorites. How would you guys style this black & white fur coat?

Much love & positive energy today guys! Get motivated and make your dream a reality.


black & white fur jacket by Line & Dot

shoes by UNIF

photos by Kara Beth Nixon

daydream trip

IMG_5209 IMG_5220 IMG_5221 IMG_5232IMG_5245 IMG_5250 IMG_5257 IMG_5268 IMG_5286-Edit

Hey shady baby, I’m hot. I’m sad. But I need a little sadness. Depression is like a motor for creation. I know you disagree. A surface as dry as Venus, hot enough to melt lead. Being with you is like being on a cloud of sulfuric acid that reaches 100 miles high. We’re living in a time of massive change, like the Industrial Revolution on cyber acid.

 LSD burst, psychedelic slip. It was the beginning and we were creating art, creating ourselves. Dressing up and manipulating light. There’s more to reality than we’ve encountered. Pop culture keeps you catatonic, keeps you from searching beyond that which is laid out in front of you. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe you’re the chosen one.

x x

She’s A Knockout Bra by For Love & Lemons

Femme Fatal Cheeky Panty by For Love & Lemons

Red Feather Jacket by Line & Dot

photos by David Arronson