Miami South Beach

IMG_2908-2 IMG_2934-2 IMG_2989-2Here’s a quick peek at one of my looks from Miami Swim Week. I was really into decking out my one-pieces with hats, sunglasses, jewelry, kimonos and shawls. I feel like it’s  fun to lounge poolside in a full look. I felt so Miami when I dressed up my swimwear! I was lucky enough to stay at the W Hotel in South Beach right on the ocean with Red Velvet Swim.

So much more coming from last week, including a film travel diary and some more cool shoots and swimwear! So excited for next week’s escape to the the Poconos. I’ve never been before! If you have any recommendations for activities, places to shoot, or anything, let me know!

x x

swimsuit by lee + lani 

hat and swing shawl by nasty gal

photos by pop

f*ck love

75530026 copy75530025 copy75530019 copy75530014 copy75530011 copy75530017 copy75530007 copy75530009 copy
75530005 copy75530004 copy75530018 copy75530003 copy75530001 copyFuck love, give me diamonds. I’m already in love with myself. So in love with myself. So you want a type of a bitch that will stay at home, but I’m too busy getting mine on. I don’t need your help, I can take care of myself. I might get into the money.

You can’t break my heart. You can’t take my pride. Oh no, that love shit, I won’t do it.

Y’all dudes is a hot damn mess. I’m way too blessed to be stressed. So I don’t want no boyfriend, just give me them checks. What if I’m a material girl? Can’t blame me, I live in a material world. Alright, see my times gonna cost you. And all my love don’t cost a thing.

sweaters by Wildfox

photos by Kayti Hurd

divinity ghosts

81210016 copy81210017 copy81210020 copy81210001 copy81210015 copy81210004 copy81210022 copy81210024 copyalllandcrabsanddivinityghostsnowitch181210001 copy81210005 copynowitch2-2Magic on the lips of brooklyn babes. All dark eyelashes and divinity ghosts. Wooden swinging doors and southern food. Film rolls and hues of forest green. Escape to the wild. A soul on the road. The journey lies within, but it takes place on many different sets. No man is a sinking ship, just a sea. Wake up raspberry. If what you do and what you say are congruent, you have a better chance of finding the living part. It’s too big of a world to give up now.

Arizona tank by Nasty Gal

denim shorts by Nasty Gal 

brown hat by Nasty Gal

photos David Aronson