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ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-41ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-42ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-43ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-44ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-45ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-46ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-47ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-48ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-49ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-50ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-51“My face above the water. My feet can’t touch the ground. And it feels like I can see the sands on the horizon, every time you are not around.

I’m slowly drifting away. Wave after wave. And it feels like I’m drowning, pulling against the stream.

I wish I could make it easy, easy to love me. But still I reach, to find a way. I’m stuck here in between. I’m looking for the right words to say.

And it feels like I’m drowning.”

skeleton onepiece by Rebel Circus 

black + white fur jacket from Revolve

ballet bae by Dolls Kills

photos by Brittanny Taylor

all the rage back home

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCLove come over my head. She swore love is never done. You won’t see her shaken. For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste. You don’t have to be wound so tight, smoking on the balcony. The city feeds her. And she wasn’t the only one who felt fed by such strange and awful things. Locked inside herself. Her only concern as an artist, as a human being for that matter, was to shoot for some kind of perfection with grace, but all on her own terms. No one else’s.

bodysuit by lee + lani 

lace tights + fur jacket by Nasty Gal

Makeup by Brianna Moon

Hair by Kayla Valeria

photos by Brittanny Taylor