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the girl at the rock show

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“Hanging out behind the club on the weekend
Acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends
I couldnt wait for the summer and the warped tour
I remember its the first time that I saw her there

She’s getting kicked out of school cause she failing
Im kind of nervous cause i think all her friends hate me
She’s The One she’ll always be there
She took my hand and i made it i swear

Because i fell in love with the girl at the rock show
She said what and i told her that i didn’t know
She’s so cool when we’re sneakin through her window
Everythings better when she’s around
I can’t wait till her parents go out of town
I fell in love with the girl at the rock show.”

jumper by Dolls Kill

swan shoe by YRU

photos by Brad Thornber

Waves / /

ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-41ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-42ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-43ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-44ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-45ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-46ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-47ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-48ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-49ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-50ihateblonde-dollskill-brittannytaylor-51“My face above the water. My feet can’t touch the ground. And it feels like I can see the sands on the horizon, every time you are not around.

I’m slowly drifting away. Wave after wave. And it feels like I’m drowning, pulling against the stream.

I wish I could make it easy, easy to love me. But still I reach, to find a way. I’m stuck here in between. I’m looking for the right words to say.

And it feels like I’m drowning.”

skeleton onepiece by Rebel Circus 

black + white fur jacket from Revolve

ballet bae by Dolls Kills

photos by Brittanny Taylor