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casual gypsy

gypsy warrior, rachel lynchgypsy warrior, rachel lynchgypsy warrior, rachel lynchgypsy warrior, rachel lynchIMG_3607 copyIMG_3616 copyIMG_3638 copyleopard1Last week, I was gifted this jumper from Gypsy Warrior. I honestly never thought I’d be one for a full onesize, but this piece seems to have some casual lux to it. I decided to pair it with a oversized sun hat and cat-eye sunglasses. It’s got a very, “Brooklyn mom at the Hamptons” vibe to it, which I find fun. I also added in my new Danielle Nicole bag for a pop of color. I like the addition of solid color next to leopard, I think it completes the look and takes the attention away from the loud print. A leather jacket is also a nice balance to a loud leopard piece. It’s all about the pairing!

Enjoy your day blonde babes!

x x

blue handbag by Danielle Nicole

leopard jumpsuit by Gypsy Warrior

sunglasses by Spitfire

photos by Style Feen

my kind of town

IMG_8776 copy IMG_8753 copy IMG_8761 copy IMG_8752 copy hey IMG_8774 copy IMG_8751 copyCan’t wait for the sun to go down, roll into town. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been craving the road. I feel like I’ve been cooped up in Brooklyn ever since I got back from LA. I’ve been researching cottages in Portland and fantasizing about going there just for a week, to run and journal in the woods. I think I’m gonna do it, totally lay low and just run the trails and fill a Moleskine notebook.

I’ve also been really wanting to go to Georgia and Seattle. I plan on hitting a few cities this year.. any recommendations? I’d love to do some shooting in Texas or the desert.

Hope you’re all staying warm and cozy today.


free bird tee from Nasty Gal

leather pants by UNIF

moto jacket by UNIF

photos by Jaglever

Hard Row

IMG_6377 copy IMG_6381 copy IMG_6383 copy IMG_6395 copy IMG_6331 copy IMG_6346 copy IMG_6399 copy IMG_6360 copy IMG_6364 copy IMG_6367 copy IMG_6349 copy IMG_6380 copyIf you wanna go and leave New York, then I’ll understand. But then the night falls and it gets lonely to hold all by yourself. We hit the city and it swallowed you whole. You’ve got no friends darling, to keep you warm. And then the sidewalk ends, and the lights are red and you’re New York City broke again.

“I do not give one fucks, two fucks, red fucks, or blue fucks.” No one really says it better on a tee shirt then my girl, Jac Vanek. If you’re a young little pistol like me then I suggest you need this in your closet soon rather than later. It reminds me of when I used to get sent home from Catholic school for wearing “legalize gay” and “rock” tee shirts. Say what you want, do as you feel. Have a kick ass day.

(Less profanity next post, I promise! ;) )

no fucks tee by Jac Vanek

LA cap from Kitson 

kick ass boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

photos by Kiara Jade