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dirtylittlehearts2 followyouwhereeveryourmindgo1dirtylittlehearts<31 dirtylittlehearts1 IMG_4346 copy movies1 movies2dirtylittlehearts3 highlife1 IMG_4339 copy prettylittlehearts5Dirty little hearts. Dirty little girl in her dirty little life. Dirty little thoughts in her dirty little mind. Dirty little lips, dirty little lies. Summer of love. What would I have to do to call you mine? 21 years young, and living to die. Watching movies with the sound off. We’re making magic for the fuck of it. Still eating gummy bear vitamins and frozen popsicles. Now the world’s in color. She tastes like a tangerine. People wanna know how we can be that weird. We just keep on living with our appetite for sweet, sweet adventure.

red circle sunglasses vintage from Becon’s Closet (Brooklyn)

red heart lenon sweater by Wildfox Couture

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka


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I call that bitch tarantula. I roll with the meanest of girls. Of course, you can’t sit with us. Smile shades, tripping you with my spike shoes, ’cause that’s just how I feel today. Lemonade and strutting right past you. You think I saw you, but you never even crossed my vision. Body like a coke bottle, group texting strictly in emojis. Colder than your milkshake. And my milkshake brings your boyfriend to the yard, and my girlfriends bring all your girls to the yard. It’s nothing like it was back in High School. I never fuck with beginners. Me and my crew, better bet we’ll slide through.

misfit tee by Feather Hearts

tie-dye overalls + stud shorts by Momme

spike shoes by UNIF

sunglasses by Jeremy Scott

photos by Kimberly Capriotti


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Welcome inside the Blonde Fun House, where the wild girls wear fur and things go bump in the night. Too many toys and rainbow jewels covering the halls. Champagne pouring on the white sofa and sitting down to a rainbow candy diet. Sunglasses at night and golden pumps on the spiral staircase, we’re seeing through kaleidoscopes. We are the wild ones, we are the blondes. 

What’s up my sexy ladies? I’m so excited to announce that now you can shop items hand-picked by me through my new online store! I went on an awesome secret buying mission a little bit ago and picked out some goodies that are now for sale. This is a soft launch, there are only a few of each item… we’ll be adding a lot more in a few weeks. Anyways, we had a dope time creating this lookbook and the entire team was so wonderful to work with. 

So check out my new online store, and start playing this summer in the fun house <3 


rainbow bright necklace by shop blonde

the garden floral skirt by shop blonde

yellow mellow child pleat skirt by shop blonde

pink pleat skirt by shop blonde

bone moto jacket by shop blonde

electric blonde pants by shop blonde

white Marilyn dress by shop blonde

gold eclipse bustier by magical wonderland

purple floral bustier by magical wonderland 

silver fantasy bra by magical wonderland 

set design by Jacquelin Stanford

make up and hair by Lisa Heitman