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coney island lovers

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We were lost at the county fair. We did not believe in time. We liked to fold our magic wings and dip our toes in the sand. There were ghosts flying at the carnival and fortune tellers tempting the mind. We chose to ride the roller coasters in the sky in attempt to touch the stars. It came suddenly. They didn’t have to think about it, you either feel it or you don’t.  Perhaps it was all a matter of love,  the more you love someone, the stronger and stranger they become.

yacht club beach maxi dress by Wildfox 

light pink stars bathing suit by Wildfox

pink kitten frames by Wildfox

lace coverup by Nastygal

photos by JagLever

when i go

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I once knew a boy from Michigan who told me this, “The theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.” I knew what he was talking about. I said, “What if I told you I was willing to run with everything I have and never looked back. You see, the world is beating alive inside me and I have to get it out.”

He knew what I was talking about too. What the brain sees and what falls on the retina are often not identical. We did not falter when we spoke. He grew up much the same as I did. We dipped our feet into the cold clear shore. I felt his cold lips brush across my shoulder. I’d try to survive the day just to hold him against me for a few seconds. On this one white eve, he told me he had to go. I understood, with blades of ice blue in my eyes.

When he left, I ran into the sea with everything I had. I left nothing on the shore. The world was beating inside me and suddenly ran out in the depth of the dark and the blink of an eye.

cotton candy tee by UNIF

vapor moto jacket by UNIF 

mod sunglasses by Quay 

photos by Bliss Katherine 

She is dusk, She is dawn

vibes2 vibes1 vibes3 IMG_4675 copyvibes6 IMG_4705 copy vibes8If this world stops burning brightly for us, then we shall create a new world. We shall give it walls, and curtains, and bedsheets and carpets. We shall decorate it in a grand, ornate matter and match our silverware to the sun. Have you ever been that girl that felt so alive? That burned so bright because she bled herself with every word. She gave the world virtually everything she had, and it gave it right back to her. She vibrated with the treasures of the earth and wished to posses nothing. Everything she had, she gave it all away. Whatever she did, she did with all her heart. And so they said, “she is dusk, she is dawn, she is vibes.”


pink crop top by iamvibes

granny sunglasses by wildfox

floral shorts by nastygal

cream sunhat by american apparel 

human alien shoes by jeffrey campbell

photos by Sh0oka