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no baby, i’m an animal


No baby, I’m an animal. I chose to dive down the rabbit hole. I’m like Alice, I find this life rather curious. I could of lived a normal life, but my childhood was filled with too many fairlytales, and I decided to live out the things I found in books. There’s no room to grow up in your world, I’m still playing, still making magic. When you imagine, you create. I created my blonde world out of stockings and shoes, out of milk and glitter. People come in and out of my world, but here I remain. They add meaning to my walls and details to my story. There is no limit to how wonderful I want those in my world to feel. I want them to taste all the magic I have, to drink from the cup of creative love I was offered. You see, some people want to punish you for seeing the world a certain way, but I intend to take those people and build a treehouse with them.

Everything is illuminated.

So stoked to show off this little collab I did with Nina Palomba. Literally some of the coolest art I’ve ever seen. Her whole site is unbelievable and I recommend following her on instagram. So stoked to be moving into her neighborhood, expect much more goodness.


photo art by Nina Palomba

great and precious things are often lonely

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It’s amazing how close I bring myself to death just to feel a little alive. I just want things to be back to the way they used to be. The truth is, I felt so alive with you. I’ve already stopped wearing clothes. They hang on my body in ways I don’t relate to. You sort of filled everything in this way nothing could. I read Paradise Lost with my head on your chest. Skin to skin under the sun’s warm excellence.

I thought we were going everywhere, but the truth is we were traveling no where. With you, I was the sun girl. The precious, pale child who was content in not caring. Now I have opinions and feelings of loss. These things were never a part of me before, I struggle to fit them into my identity. Carmel dripping down my spine, I have known the taste of pure happiness. But now, it was lost in the salt of the sea burning under the sun. The pure lemon golden aura had faded into a blue dust that subtly engulfed my room.

cosmic dancer ice cream suit by Filthy Magic

pink kitten shades by Wildfox Couture

sun-dyed cape from Topshop-Soho

photos by Rebecca Michelle Ganellen


dirtylittlehearts2 followyouwhereeveryourmindgo1dirtylittlehearts<31 dirtylittlehearts1 IMG_4346 copy movies1 movies2dirtylittlehearts3 highlife1 IMG_4339 copy prettylittlehearts5Dirty little hearts. Dirty little girl in her dirty little life. Dirty little thoughts in her dirty little mind. Dirty little lips, dirty little lies. Summer of love. What would I have to do to call you mine? 21 years young, and living to die. Watching movies with the sound off. We’re making magic for the fuck of it. Still eating gummy bear vitamins and frozen popsicles. Now the world’s in color. She tastes like a tangerine. People wanna know how we can be that weird. We just keep on living with our appetite for sweet, sweet adventure.

red circle sunglasses vintage from Becon’s Closet (Brooklyn)

red heart lenon sweater by Wildfox Couture

human alien shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

photos by Sh0oka