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falling tao

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Listen, it cannot be seen, it is beyond form. Look, it cannot be heard, it is beyond sound. It is a struggle over the nature of reality. We want to write a peaceful story and mold a perfect form to slip into. We are in touch with our inner selves, our imaginary selves. And  when we know those selves, they are alive in us for others to see. We project art, and love, and imagination all over. You are hypnotized by the fiction of your own poem and write it everywhere. Your defenses drop and you see you reality in it’s blunt fullness. Falling tao.


maxi dress from the skandl

sunglasses by Karen Walker

photos by Phillip Van Nostrand

listening to Falling Tao by Random Rab

American Hustle

IMG_5851 copy IMG_5758 copy IMG_5778 copy IMG_5762 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5802 copy IMG_5783 copy IMG_5799 copy IMG_5803 copy IMG_5805 copy stella IMG_5833 copyLittle girl knocking at your door at midnight, blasting the Rolling Stones in lace ups. Sweet sixteen and leather boots, the kind iggy pop would of written a song about. Funky body and soul. She’s here to break your heart and take your wallet. Strawberry space explosion.

saturn crop top by Jac Vanek

sequin disco shorts from Rock Refinery

salem boot by UNIF

yellow fur coat by Bitching and Junkfood

photos by Shooka

my alien girlfriend

1 2 3 4 5 8 10The girl from my dreams ain’t from round here. She don’t care bout the bull shit down here. I wish you’d come back and save me lady, cause these earth women wanna make me crazy. I try everyday to escape the world, fantasizing about my alien girl. Look into the sky to find love, cause these earth women are just too much.

She was standing over my bed. It must have been a dream, I tried to shake it from my head. Half asleep, until she reached out and touched me. No words needed, she spoke into my mind. Didn’t make a sound, no need to. She could read through every thought I tried to hide.

She showed me how she came from a planet, where no one took their passion for granted.  I tried to understand, but I’m a one track mind staring at her space tits.

She wore a lavender velour space suit with gray boots. Titanium diamond studded waist too. A future 50,000 volt laser in the holster. She started chasing me, threw off my whole galaxy. And just when I  thought I’d ask for her name, she vaporized into a green light in the rain.

alien crop top by O-Mighty Weekend 

rainbow lace shorts by Tunnel Vision

pink space boots by Pleaser

sunglasses by Wildfox

teal fur by Nastygal 

words by  Molemen & Felt 

photos by Melly Lee